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Scrapebook terms

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parenting book learning school Extremidades del profesor
por Jennifer Cummings, M.Ed.

Una guia Padre-Amistosa del profesor inclina y los trucos átiles que usted puede utilizar para ayudar a su niño a tener éxito en escuela hoy


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Scrapebook terms Scrapebook terms Scrapebook terms Scrapebook terms

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por Jaki Ryan

Pues usted emprende preservar sus fotografias para su scrapebook, usted oirá el overand siguiente de los términos encima otra vez. Es importante llegar a ser familiar con ellos.

1 ACID-FREE: Cualquier material que no contenga el á cido, que destruye tiempo del photosover. Un pH neutral de 7.0, como el del agua pura, es ideal para use.Acids archival se puede también introducir por la migración de otros materiales o de la contaminación fromatmospheric. La descoloración y la fragilidad se atribuyen al á cido.

2 . SCRAPBOOK ACID-MIGRATION: . The transfer of acid from an acidic material to a lessacidic material or pH neutral material. . Remember, acid always migrates toneutral; NEVER does neutral migrate to acid. . Acid migration may occur directly,when two materials are in intimate contact. . For instance, acid may migrate fromboards, endpapers and protective tissues, as well as the paper covers of albums,and from memorabilia to less acidic paper.

3 . SCRAPBOOK ARCHIVAL QUALITY: . Indicates that a material is chemically stable, andtherefore, has a stronger resistance to adverse environmental conditions."Archival quality is a non-technical term that suggests that a material or productis permanent, durable or chemically stable, and that it can be safely used forpreservation purposes. . The phrase is not quantifiable; no standards exist thatdescribe how long an 'archival' or 'archival quality' material will last. . Archivalstandards are the principles that most museums adhere to.

4 . SCRAPBOOK LIGNIN: . A component of the cell walls of plants that occurs naturally, alongwith cellulose. . Lignin is largely responsible for the strength and rigidity of plants,but its presence in paper and board is believed to contribute to chemicaldegradation. . It can be, to a large extent, removed during manufacture. . Nostandards exist for the term 'lignin-free' and additional research is needed todetermine the precise role lignin plays in the durability and permanence of paper. SmileNotes : . Most photo preservationists believe lignin to be more harmful to photosthan acid.

. SCRAPBOOK BUFFERED: . Acid free paper which has been stabilized to eliminate theformation of destructive alkaline substances. . A paper that is pH neutral to beginwith and then has a reserve of Alkaline to neutralize additional acids as theymigrate to the paper. . Just because you are using buffered pages or buffered papersdo not assume that you can add an unlimited number of acidic materials to youralbum and the acid will be absorbed. . A 1% or 3% buffer is just a small buffer andnot meant to absorb large amounts of acid. . In fact, many papers are buffered onlybecause the materials used in their own manufacturing are known to becomeacidic over time, therefore the buffer is added solely to protect that paper frombecoming acidic in the future and is not capable of absorbing any "extra" acids.

. SCRAPBOOK LIGHTFASTNESS: . Resistance to fading. . Dye based inks tend to be "lightfugitive" or fast fading when exposed to light, heat or moisture. . Pigment basedinks are fade resistant, colorfast, and often waterproof.

. SCRAPBOOK MYLAR: . Mylar (polyester) is used as a protective clear covering for photos andalbum pages. . Mylar is currently regarded as the highest quality material used forthis purpose.

. SCRAPBOOK PHOTO SAFE : . A term used very loosely by many companies to indicate thatthey feel their products to be safe. . I feel that there are several problems with thisterm. . There is no regulation of the term by a legally enforceable standard.Because of ignorance, lack of photo preservation knowledge or a desire todeceive, this term is used in many instances when a product is not in fact safe tobe used near photos. . When a product is simply labeled photo safe, I will nevertake it home and use it without first calling the manufacturer and making furtherinquiries.

. Acid is not the only material that damages photos. . Papers should be acid free, lignin free,bleach free, and chemically stable. . Permanent inks should be used for writing andstamping. . Look for these key words when purchasing supplies. . Just to put your mind torest, scrapbook companies follow very rigid guidelines to assure safe products for ourmemory albums.

. A . Cherry On Top, Scrapbook Shoppe

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