Have Yourself a Colorful Valentine's Day!



Valentine's Day is always a big deal in our household.  What better day could there be than one that encourages you to express the love you feel in your heart?  My children especially love exchanging Valentine's with their friends and family members.  Instead of purchasing those pre-made, packaged Valentine's, we allow our children to create their own to share with their loved ones.  It's a great expression of their artistic and creative sides and permits them the opportunity to do some really fun arts and crafts!


If you are a household like ours, then you may enjoy something special I've created to help my children do their Valentine's arts 'n crafts projects.  You see, I've created a wonderful set of black and white images that my children can color in, cut out, and paste.  They've used these images in all sorts of Valentine's!  The images are of hearts, roses, Valentine's Day scenes, and other tokens of love and affection.


I have found that the images I've created are especially helpful for my smaller children, who have a hard time drawing a hear shape or flowers to the perfection they desire.  By using the templates I've created, they have a much more enjoyable (and much less frustrating) time, still allowing them to add their own special touches and expressions.


My older children like the images just as they are, using them as coloring pages.  It's nice to celebrate this special day with a nice coloring activity that compliments our activities.


Because my children enjoy the options these templates create, I've decided to make them available to other parents too.  Each image in the set is wholesome and clean, fun and entertaining.  It is my hope that you and your family will enjoy my set of templates too!




Let's Celebrate Valentine's Day Creatively With...



Valentine's Day

Printable Coloring Pages



What's Inside?


Valentine's Day Printable Coloring Pages is a jam packed with Valentine's Day images.  You'll find hearts, flowers, candies, animals, children, and much more represented here.  And I didn't scrimp on the number of pages you receive!  When you get Valentine's Day Printable Coloring Pages, you will receive a full 120 pages of Valentine's Day images!  From cupids to teddy bears, this set of coloring pages is sure to please!



The Easiest to Use Format


Valentine's Day Printable Coloring Pages is a printable electronic book (also known as an "ebook")  that you print out from your computer. This ebook comes to you in an Adobe PDF file that you can instantly download from the internet and use it effortlessly on both PCs and MACs.



Save Money & Time!


"What makes Valentine's Day Printable Coloring Pages different from a regular coloring book I could buy at the store?"

  • Pages can be printed as needed, as many times as needed. A regular coloring book you can only use once. Not so with this ebook format. You can print out enough copies for all of your children. No more fighting over the book! So, just save the pdf file to your computer or a cd and use it again & again. Great for parties, at home, or in the classroom.

  • Because they are printed on separate sheets of paper, you never have to worry about those torn edges you get from regular coloring books when you rip them out for display. These look a lot neater hanging on the fridge!  They are also much easier to work with!

  • Many times, children only want to color certain pages of a coloring book, leaving many pages going to waste. With this pdf of coloring pages, print only what you want, when you want!

  • If a child "messes up" coloring and wants to do it again, it's no problem! Just print out another.

  • This pdf of coloring pages is also tailored for those who like to do craft projects. Many of the images are very suitable for coloring in and then cutting out with scissors.

  • You don't have to wait for your coloring book to be shipped to you and you don't have to go to the store and purchase one. It will be delivered to you within seconds of purchase via internet download! 





Simple to Print!

All of the images are in black & white and are ready to be colored in. If you have a printer (just a black and white printer will do!), you are ready to print these wonderful coloring pages. Please note that upon viewing the images on your computer screen, the images may appear fuzzy or incomplete.  This is because we've optimized the images for print only.  Please rest assured that the actual pages are sharp, clear, and crisp upon printing.

You can print the pages on regular copy paper (8 1/2 x 11), or any paper of your choice. All images should turn out beautifully. (To achieve the "feel" of a regular coloring book, consider using recycled copy paper!) You can even print on both sides of the paper if your printer has such functionality, which will save you paper if you so desire.

The total file size is relatively small considering the number of pages you get, and you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file.


This file should print flawlessly on almost any operational printer. Should you have any trouble opening or printing the pdf file after purchase, please contact us and we will work quickly to assist you.






Valentine's Day Printable Coloring Pages comes complete with Master Resell Rights and professional sales kit. Upon purchase, you will receive the following:

  • 125 Page Ebook Valentine's Day Printable Coloring Pages in Adobe PDF format, so it can be read on almost any computer! 

  • The ability to brand the ebook with your name and website.

  • Full TRANSFERABLE Master Resell Rights, so you can begin selling this ebook within minutes of receiving it.  You keep 100% of the profits!  Plus, you are able to pass along these same resell rights to your buyers!

  • Professionally Designed Graphics Pack.

  • Web Sales Letter just like this one that can be easily edited to include your information.

By selling this ebook, your purchase today will pay for itself!  Normally, the distribution rights, branding capabilities, and professional sales materials cost an extra $97.00.  But, if you order today, they are yours free with your purchase.




Ordering Could NOT Be Simpler!


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P.S. Remember, you receive Full Master Resell Rights to this ebook, so with just one sale, this purchase pays for itself!  Because this ebook has branding capabilities, you are able to advertise your website address through the distribution of this ebook.  Because Valentine's Day Printable Coloring Pages is of a high quality, this ebook is sure to be circulated for years to come, meaning that your website URL will be also be circulated for years to come too!  This type of marketing, as you know, is PRICELESS!


P.S.S. Don't forget, Valentine's Day Printable Coloring Pages contains 120 PAGES of various types of Valentine's Day images, all waiting for your little ones to fill with color and love!