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Common Sense Parenting
by Sylvia Cochran

Common Sense Paretning Archive

Child Temper Tantrums

Multiple Kids Birthdays

Separation Anxiety

Parenting After Divorce

Prepare Kids For First Day of Day Care

The First Day at Daycare

In our last poll, "The First Day at Daycare", we visited a very common dilemma that working parents have to face at some point in their parenting days: the first day of daycare rolls around and you find it hard to deal with the personal guilt you might harbor in your heart of hearts - yet how do you prepare your precious little child for being away from you for eight or more hours? What do you do?

While very obviously one size does not fit all forms of daycare anxieties, you have voted:

1. 56 percent of you have stated that you will forge a relationship with the daycare provider well in advance of your needing her. As a matter of fact, did you know that driving by the new daycare every morning for about a week before you actually start dropping off your child there will create a routine that will make the transition easier on your child? Kids love routines, and it is no small wonder that even something as simple as this will help them over the separation anxiety - which in turn will make your task of leaving them there a lot easier!

2. 43 percent stated that you explain the process to your child in age appropriate detail so he or she knows what to expect. While this is a great idea for older kids, it will only have a limited effect on the very young.

3. Include a little keepsake in your child's belongings. Perhaps a snapshot or a special blanket that carries the scent from home will make the transition easier.

Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthy

healthy family meals

This time around, we want to look at another parenting situation that seems to be on the forefront of parents' minds as soon as the little ones are weaned away from formula and baby foods: getting picky eaters - and even the not so picky ones - to make healthy food choices. You know the scenario: your child wants chips and dip for breakfast, candy and more chips for lunch, and a generous helping of ice cream and gum for dinner. This does not sound very well balanced and nutritious, does it? Yet how do you police the sugar intake, salt consumption, and junk food eating that your child so loves?


About Sylvia Cochran

Welcome to the world of a poet and freelance writer who juggles a family, work, and a hundred commitments. Born and raised in Germany, and since 1988 living in the United States, this writer offers a global perspective on parenting issues, everyday living situations, time management, ethics, marriage, and personal growth. She publishes her work at Families Online Magazine, and Bella Online. Contact her with questions and comments at [email protected] and be sure to put “Families Online” into the reference line.

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