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Common Sense Parenting
by Sylvia Cochran

The teacher says your child is not mature enough for the grade level she or he is in. What do you do?
I disregard the teacher’s opinion. I know my child best.
 [tally] 10%
I agree to disagree but will listen to the teacher’s advice.
 [tally] 60%
I will go home and get my child to shape up.
 [tally] 20%
I don’t know.
 [tally] 10%

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Dealing with Your Child's Teacher

In our last poll, "Dealing with Your Child's Teacher", we took a look at one of the most difficult situations for a parent to weather: the parent-teacher conference that does not go as planned. Instead of hearing about all the stellar achievements your child has accomplished during the school year, you are receiving news that you do not want to hear or may not have been anticipating. Maybe your child has been acting up in class, or maybe the homework is less than acceptable in the teacher's eye. How do you react?

While very obviously one size does not fit all forms of school related issues, you have voted:

1. 10 percent of you have stated that you will disregard the teacher's opinions since you know your child best.

2. 60 percent stated that you will agree to disagree with the teacher, but hear her or him out and see what you can glean from these insights.

3. 20 percent indicated that you will go home and get junior to shape up.

4. 10 percent just weren't all that sure.

Here are some tips on getting the most out of a parent-teacher conference with a minimum of aggravation.

  • Understand that the teacher worked long and hard to get where she or he is. She or he has spent considerable time and effort getting a degree and certification that permits her or him to be teaching in the first place, and the last thing the teacher will want to do is to alienate a parent. For this reason, it is in your best interest to listen attentively to a professional as s/he gives you a valuable opinion.
  • Realize that children act differently in situations where mom and dad are not around to watch them. When not under your watchful eyes, it is entirely possible that junior is trying to be the class clown, talking when s/he shouldn't, and throwing paper airplanes when it is not appropriate to do so.
  • Become involved in your child's education. Volunteer to help out in the class; drop by and sit in for half an hour; schedule additional conferences with the teacher; seek parenting advice from your teacher; ask for help from others as well. In short, take an active role in your child's education, rather than a passive role that only sees you in action during parent-teacher conferences.
  • Last but not least, work together with your child to see what s/he can do differently in class. Help your child to understand issues the teacher brings up, and role play different ways of mastering these issues. For example, if your child is easily led astray by a talking classmate during class-time, help her or him find ways of discouraging that classmate from talking and distracting at these times. This might include your child putting a finger to her or his lips to indicate silence, while turning away from the classmate. If you role-play at home, your child will be more comfortable acting on your advice in class!

Talking to your Child about the Easter Bunny

easter bunny

This time around, , we want to look at another parenting situation that seems to be one of those parenting milestones. Your child has grown up learning about the Easter Bunny (Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy…), and the bounty of gifts he brings each year. Dutifully your child has hopped into bed early to make it possible for Bunny to come and visit, and your family has taken turns playing Bunny for the child. Now you are beginning to think that your child might be a bit too old to continue this belief. What do you do?
Common Sense Parenting Poll
Child too old to believe in Easter Bunny?
I stop the Bunny tradition cold turkey.
I sit my child down and explain that it is a game.
I will leave it up to a family friend/relative to break the news.
I don’t know and will likely procrastinate until next year.

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