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¡Introducir El Gemz!
por Jillian Bietz

The Gemz

izquierda a la derecha: Samantha, back) de Sarah(middle, Carlie.
Frente: Margaux(left) y Sammi-Jack(right)
Si usted está buscando una cierta gran másica familia-amistosa de que los cabritos de todas las edades gocen, usted necesita comprobar hacia fuera ¡El Gemz! Compuesto de cinco muchachas floridian que se extendian de las edades once a dieciséis, el grupo se ha convertido en ya una sensación con el sistema de radio de Disney, realizá ndose con Aaron Carretero, verde del al, y las muchachas de Cheetah, apenas para nombrar algunos. Su CD má s áltimo, El azul está para las muchachas  style= ¡, está disponible ahora en almacenes! ¡Compruébelo hacia fuera!

Tenia recientemente una ocasión de charlar con El Gemz y me dieron "detrá s una mirada de las escenas" en su mundo. ¡Son claramente funcionamiento duro, apasionado sobre su másica, y todo alrededor de grandes muchachas! Aqui es lo que él tuvo que decir:

Sé que usted consiguió descubierto haciendo el juego, el sonido de la másica, hace tres años.¿Usted tiene interés en ser artistas de la grabación antes de ser descubierto?

Samantha (Diamante): Si, pienso que todos hemos tenido el sueño a estar en un CD y un viaje y un todo. Se es siempre nuestro sueño como pequeñas muchachas, asi que cuando nos presentaron la oportunidad él era una cosa realmente asombrosa.

He oido mucho sobre su viaje del campo.¿Puede usted decirme un poco sobre eso?¿Sus padres viajan con usted?¿Como cuá l es el autobás?

Sarah (Rubi): Este verano fuimos en un viaje de seis semanas del autobás a los campos en el noreste y el Maine. Era impresionante. Teniamos un autobás con doce camas, un cuarto de baño, sitio vivo, cocina, TV; ¡los trabajos! La mejor parte era definitivamente la ayuda de los campistas. Nuestros ventiladores eran impresionantes.

Samantha: Nuestros padres vienen en viaje. Vienen por dias a la vez porque tienen que.

Sammi-Gato (Topaz): Era cumpleaños de mi papá y él vino para arriba. Mi mamá es nuestro encargado asi que ella viaja con nosotros.

¿Usted va a la escuela regular durante el año?

Samantha: Si. Todos nosotros van a una escuela de arte asi que son realmente de apoyo de lo que lo hacemos. Es una escuela páblica pero tiene una escuela de artes especial. Usted tiene que audition para conseguir en ciertos programas. . It's a magnet school, so each of us is in different programs.

. You were taped for an episode of the MTV reality show, PowerGirls. . What was it like being followed around with cameras?

. Sammi-Jack: . It was so much fun! . We also did an episode of Wife Swap, so we were always followed around with cameras.

. Sarah: . This summer we had a cameraman along with us on the tour who filmed our whole summer like a reality show. . The experience of the video is awesome.

. When you were on Fox's Wife Swap, your manager, Lauren Green, switched places with a mother from rural Wisconsin. . Was it stressful having someone new manage you for a week?

. Carlie (Sapphire): . We're used to how our manager runs everything we're doing, and we are really used to her routine, so to have someone else tell us what to do was sort of odd. . But we are really close and we're a great team so it wasn't that hard.

. Sarah: . She came from a family of all boys and one girl so it was a big switch for her to mange all girls.

. Sammi-Jack: . She lived with me and she didn't know what to do around girls. . She was like, "I don't put on any makeup and I don't dress like a girly girl!" She was really sweet.

. On your latest CD, Blue is for Girls, you cover two popular songs (Bop to the Top and What I've Been Looking For) from Disney Channel's High School Musical. . How did that come about?

. Margaux (Emerald): . Our record label thought it was a brilliant idea. . We really love the songs. . They are our own version.

. The Gemz are also collaborating with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's brand, marykateandashley, and Claire's accessories. . Have you ever met with the Olsen's?

. Sarah: . We haven't met them yet. . We were going to this summer in New York City, but we are never in the right place at the right time. . We hope to meet them someday. . Sammi-Jack: We were busy and so were they! . So it was kind of hard to arrange something.

. Would you say Mary-Kate and Ashley are an inspiration to you? . Do you look up to them?

. Carlie: . They are definitely an inspiration. . We all grew up watching their videos and they always inspired us as kids to be performers and entertainers, so obviously they are a huge inspiration.

. Margaux: . We also really love their clothes and their accessories.

. Samantha: . We actually did a contest on tour where while we were doing a costume change, we would give out prizes from marykateandashley, and all the kids absolutely loved their accessories and they got some of their books from their series and things like that. . It was a lot of fun and they all enjoyed it.

. Are you close friends with each other? . What are some fun things you do when you are on tour?

. Sarah: . I'm an only child so The Gemz play the role of my older and younger sisters. . I'm in the middle, so I have Carlie and Samantha as my older sisters, and Margaux and Sammi-Jack as my younger sisters. . I love being in the group because it's a "sister factor." I keep them all in line and I always have a great time with them.

. Do you see yourselves going into television or movies?

. Sammi-Jack: . We hope so; we all have different dreams. . Carlie wants to be on SNL [Saturday Night Live]. . I want to be on Broadway, but I guess we all want that! . Samantha: I guess we all really have the same goals in the sense that this is what we love to do, so we all love to do it together.

. Carlie: . We'd love to have our own TV show, maybe even a reality TV show or a sitcom because that would be really funny. . I think we would do a great job. . I think it would be interesting to see how different we really are compared to most groups out there.

. What are your favorite hobbies outside of singing and performing?

. Margaux: . I like cheerleading.

. Sammi Jack: . I like to wakeboard and wake skate. . I also play the French horn!

. Sarah: . I play basketball.

. Samantha: . I love to dance. . I'm in a dance program at school.

. Carlie: . I like getting out on the tennis court every now and then because my dad is the tennis guy, but that's every now and then! . I really like the performing arts and being involved in the drama program at my school. . I love comedy too.

. What message would you like to send out to your fans?

. Sarah: . If you look at the title of our CD, our song is called Blue is for Girls, and the lyrics basically say, "be who you want to be and not what someone is forcing you to be." I think as a group we all have our own individual personalities and uniqueness about us, so we are pretty much telling boys and girls of all ages to be what you want to be-don't let anybody tell you differently.

. *Look out for The Gemz in November when they appear in the . Santa Salutes the Stars Parade on the WB . !


. For . The Gemz . upcoming tour dates, merchandise and more, check out The Gemz Online at . O . .

. Jillian Bietz . is a high school junior. . In her spare time, she enjoys reading, creative writing, acting and cooking.