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fashion accessory
. Trendy Fall Fashion Acessories


. Ready to leave small town life behind? . Paint the city yours with a jumbo tote. . Whether you dream the big apple, London fog, or the streets of ol' Paris, turn in the prairie and grass for bright lights and lofty buildings.

. The moral: Living large was never this easy.

Fashion Shocks: The Next Big Thing
por Marisha Kelly

Just when you thought the best things came in small packages, think again. In lieu of last month's small stuff, this time around, we're hitting it big.

Get shady with Delia's oversized Disco Diva sunglasses, $12.50.

Cover up those pretty little eyes in oversized diva style glasses. These charming shades suit any and all face shapes. Plus, you'll be making a dramatic statement with major attitude.

Big Bang. Delia's Bangles, $9.50.

. Don't focus all the attention on the windows to your soul, however, because piling on the bracelets is in with plus size bangles. . Mix and match different colors, grains, or patterns to make your outfit and your arms stand out loud.

. Put on some pant-a-loons. . Delia's Sienna Gauchos, $39.00.

. Snug jeans are taking a back seat with new free-yourself gauchos. . It's almost like lounging around in your pajama pants. . With the ability to be dressed up or dressed down, these bottoms are fit for an easy-going torn tee to a banging bejeweled top. . Round 'em up at the hips with a large belt to play up curves.

. Don't give them the boot. . Treat your feet with a pair of Delia's Grove Boots, $65.00.

. For sure fire edge, drive your heels into a wedged shoe. . You'll be packing in on the height and loading up on the fun. . Even so, big won't be bad if you don't own a pair of boots. . It's a must have for anyone's closet. . From leather to suede, round toe to spiked front, you'll be kicking the crowd into fashion forward mode.

Sobre el autor
. Marisha Kelly is a nineteen year old and a Miami native. . She is the daughter of a Cuban mother and a Jamaican father. . She speaks Spanish and French. . Marisha enjoys reading, writing, photography, and more than anything- fashion. . About fashion she says, "I admire the sophisticated and timeless styles created by Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel to the trendy retro-funk fashions of designer Betsey Johnson. . I firmly believe that being fashionable does not mean you have to match; it means having to be different and pairing those things which would normally strike you as bizarre. . I love city life and will one day move to either New York City, Barcelona, or Paris. . I admire such famous icons as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. . My favorite author is Sylvia Plath for her exuding innocence and deep thought." She is majoring in mass communications/journalism and currently works with the Miami New Times, an alternative news weekly geared towards the Miami scene.
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