healthy eating each seasonhealthy eating each season
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healthy eating each season
healthy eating each seasonhealthy eating each seasonhealthy eating each seasonhealthy eating each season
por Fatmah Azam Ali

El Comer A la derecha Con Estaciones

¿Usted ha intentado siempre comer segán estaciones? Comer los alimentos estacionales puede restaurar siempre tan para nuestro cuerpo. Cuando comemos segán estaciones, estamos siguiendo el ciclo que la naturaleza ha colocado para nosotros.

Cuando usted come los alimentos derechos durante cada estación, usted está proveiendo de su cuerpo todos los alimentos necesarios necesitados para él para hacer frente a ese ambiente. Es decir el comer estacional le pone en equilibrio. Esto le ayudará no sólo a estar en equilibrio sino también le mantendrá sano y alzará su sistema inmune.

. When we go with seasons, we are following our natural body cycles. . Before following food-combining as a part of your diet, you should first tune yourself to seasonal eating. . Elson M. . Haas, author of the books Staying Healthy with seasons and Staying healthy with nutrition makes it so easier for you to follow your diet. . Diet does not mean restricting yourself to a particular category of food. . Diet is a life-style modification, a change brought about for the good. . Diet is the way you eat and what you want to eat. . You decide what you will be giving to your body. . You eat well, you give well. . Its simple and easy. . Eating according to seasons may also help you lose those extra pounds and help you feel lighter and more active.

. Lets take a look if you eat according to seasons. . If you dont, why not go and try it out like you try every outfit? . I love experimenting with my body and I find nothing as fun as experimenting myself. . This way, I learn my body language.

. Spring: . After a harsh winter comes spring. . I imagine myself heavy whenever I think about cold because anything cold makes me heavy, drowsy and even lazy. . When spring comes, its time to get all those toxins out of your body. . In other words, spring is the best time for detoxification. . Three-day cleansing diets, fasting and eating citrus fruits is a part of my diet. . In spring, our consumption of fruits and vegetables increases when compares with grains and legumes. . High-protein foods such as meat and chicken are eaten less often. . Spring is a great time to cleanse revitalize and rejuvenate our body. . Take the advantage of it. . Prepare yourself for summer.

. Summer: . I feel light and fresh when I think of summer. . On the other hand, I also think of losing lots of water from my body in the form of sweat. . Salads and juicy fruits do great during summers. . Since we lose lots of water in the form of sweat, we should replace the fluids lost from our body so our body remains hydrated. . If you are thinking to lose weight, summer is the best time. . Reducing high-protein foods and having a diet of simple foods such as raw salads, fruits salads, juices and lots of water will be all that you would need to get into shape. . You get results if you aim at losing those love handles in summer. . Summer is activity-time! . On your marks get set GO!

. Autumn: . This season comes with a big change. . There is a change in diet, in weather and even in energy. . We mostly find harder root vegetables in this season which need cooking. . Therefore, during this season, we have grains, legumes and high-protein meals as a part of our diet. . Dont exhaust yourself with too many workouts this season. . Cool down and relax and try having an indoor-activity for a change. . Be cool, calm and if possible, try meditation exercises during this season.

. Winter: . I just cant stand cold. . I need something which would warm my body every time. . We need to eat cooked foods so our body remains warm. . We need to have high-protein meals and complex carbohydrates. . Try out vegetables like carrots, potatoes, grains and squashes. . Though dairy products and meat can be consumed during this season but make sure that you never overeat anything. . Try poultry, fish and seaweeds instead of meat.

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. Fatmah Azam Ali is a Freelance Writer and Editor. . She is also a Professional Stress and Hypnotherapy consultant as well as an instructor of General Nutrition course at Suite University. . As a president of Deluxe Writing Services, she provides all kinds of writing services. . If you would like to know more about her services or would like to contact her, please visit: . . Or e-mail her directly at: . [email protected]

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