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2006 Olympics in Torino - a Photo Journalist Report

Olympic Spirit Awards

Opening Ceremonies
The lines to  get into the Opening Ceremonies were long. We were advised to arrive by 5PM for an 8PM show.  Security was tight, but efficient, with many entrance lines available.  The Olympic plaza  was a buzz with spectators. Souvenirs  of Olympic pins and Opening Ceremony tee-shirts sold out quickly. Italian Olympic volunteers welcomed visitors from through-out the world and helped them find their seats.

olympic plazastadium olympicolympic securityoutside


The pre-show began at 7PM, featuring the Olympic mascots,  local celebrities and music. All in attendance were provided with Passion Lives Here Kits which included a cow bell (for making noise), a flashlight, a white poncho and seat pad. Attendees were asked to wear the white poncho so that they could be part of the show. Spectators rehearsed creating an Olympic wave, ringing cow bells and shining flashlights to help choreograph the event.  

passion lives

Let the Ceremonies Begin
The opening hammer on anvil rang out, the Italian national anthem was lead by a young girl arising from the stage floor as she sang and the Italian , Greek and Olympic flags were raised. The Passion began with a dazzling display of dance and fire. The crowd cheered and began the Olympic wave.

 hammerflagpassion openfire

Let the Show Go On

The show was a fantastic display of Italian traditional opera to modern acrobats moving the Olympic rings into place and creating a peace dove. The crowd's favorite was a skier made of people in various colored clothing that actually "skied" across the stage.

Parade of Athletes.

  A Tradition the Greeks Lead                                                    Canadian Team                      

Great Britain Team                                                                                Italian Team

                                                                         USA Team                                                                                         All Nations Teams on Stage                                                         

The Torch Arrives
From it's arrival to the parade around the stadium and lighting of the flame all in attendance were on their feet, applauding, welcoming the 2006 Olympics to Torino.

Surprise Ending

First  there was Oko Ono and her message of peace  from John Lennon and then there was Pavarati! A delighted crowd cheered them on.

Fireworks closed the show to thunderous applause.

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