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special need child

Familias excepcionales con los cabritos excepcionales
Niños Especiales De la Necesidad
por Christopher Auer

special need children

En criar a Niños con o sin necesidades especiales , nada es mi¡s importante que la unidad de la familia. Este libro le permitiri¡ realzar su desarrollo sensorial de los childs. i¡Ademi¡s, le ayudari¡ a asegurarse de que PROSPERAN su niño y todos los miembros de la familia no solamente sobrevivir, pero, de hecho,! When your whole family thrives, you can best ensure your childs optimum development over the short and long range of life.

- Ana Turnbull, Ed.D. , Co-Fundador y Co-Director, el centro de la playa en la universidad de las inhabilidades de Kansas

Auer y Blumberg han prestado su penetración, pasión, y compasión a este libro de trabajo. En tan haciendo ellas también han proporcionado un guidebookand un prei¡mbulo de la defensa para los Niños y sus familias.

Morton Ana Gernsbacher, Ph.D. , profesor y sir Frederic C de la investigación de Vilas. Profesor de Bartlett de la psicología en la universidad de Wisconsin-Madison

It has been said that a family of five is akin to five people lying side-by-side on a waterbed: whenever one person moves, everyone feels the ripple. Un niño con desorden de proceso sensorial puede tener un impacto devastador sobre el funcionamiento cotidiano de una familia. There are several books available that provide data and information on the nature of this puzzling disorder, but Auer and Blumberg have written a valuable book that finally provides parents with specific strategies and practical solutions to the daily challenges faced by these special children and their families . . While other books define the problem, Auer and Blumberg offer techniques to minimize the effect of the disorder on the child's daily life. I strongly recommend this book to any adult who is parenting a child with a sensory processing problemand to the professionals who are assisting moms and dads on this challenging journey.

Richard D. Lavoie, M.A., M.Ed. i¿, autor de su tanto trabajo a ser su productor del amigo y del ejecutivo de cómo sea la lata difícil esto? El F.A.T. Taller De la Ciudad

Finalmente un libro que trata el SPD en el contexto completo que merece : not as a co-condition or as another obstacle but as a full fledged challenge to the complete inclusion of individuals with unique learning styles. The collaborative integration of the senses accounts for your picking up this book, examining it and deciding on whether to make it part of your library. Auer y Blumberg caminan usted con cómo se hace descarrilar y se reenciende ese proceso.

Rick Rader, MD , redactor jefe del compartimiento excepcional del padre y director del Morton J. Centro De la Habilitación De Kent

Lea esto con un highlighter a disposición , porque usted deseari¡ referir muchas veces a las ideas sabias y maravillosas en esto espléndido co'mo- al libro. Los autores son no sólo padres sensibles e inventivos de cabritos con el SPD, sino también articulan, honestos, y sensibles escritores.

Carol S. Kranowitz, MA , autor del niño Hacia fuera-de-Sinc.

Mi¡s Info: Desorden De Proceso Sensorial: Una guía de la familia a entender y a apoyar a su niño Sensorial-Sensible

i¿Diagnosis - cui¡l es el punto?

Make no mistake; getting an accurate diagnosis is a critical step to support your child and your family. For me, this step is very emotional on several levels. First, while my brother is (I believe) a person with an autistic spectrum disorder, he has never in fact had such a diagnosis. While a psychiatrist recommended he be placed in a state institution when he was a preschooler (mid 1960's), and a psychologist diagnosed him with Schizophrenia (mid 1980s), I really don't know, nor will I ever know where he falls in the land of disorders. Second, as a parent, it is emotionally challenging to recognize and come to terms that your child is functioning significantly differently from his or her peers.

What then is the purpose of a diagnosis? The goal isn't to know that you're child 'has' a particular disorder - say, cerebral palsy. The point is to have accurate language that helps to describe your child's functioning and ultimately to receive appropriate care. To reach this point, your child does need to have a thorough evaluation performed by someone skilled in assessing the particular area of concern. Some resources include universities, a referral from your child's pediatrician, an independent evaluator, or your school district.

It may take several evaluations before you believe that you have a good picture of your child. Be forewarned, that often you may end up with a bundle of disorders. My middle child, Craig, is currently officially diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder, and Reading Disorder.

Now that I have some understanding of his challenges, which are important - make no mistake, I prefer not to identify or label my child with all of his disorders. While I guess these disorders are a part of his 'being', they do not come close to describing the whole. As well, while it sounds like a lot, I know that these are all commonly associated with ADHD.

This past week, Craig learned how to ride a bike without training wheels - sort of. He has not yet figured out to stop. It was quite a memorable site to see him armored with a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves riding around our cul-de-sac. Since he couldn't stop, he bumped into our neighbor's car, the mailbox, various curbs, and bushes. Each time he crashed, he immediately yelled, "I'm OK!" brushed himself off, and got back on the bike again.

Ironically, now that I have a basket full of disorders to describe Craig's functioning, if someone asked me to describe him, I think I'd say, "He's a really cool kid with some unique strengths and challenges - just as everyone has".

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Parenting a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder: A Family Guide to Understanding and Supporting Your Sensory-Sensitive Child (Christopher Auer, MA with Susan L.Blumberg, Ph.D., New Harbinger Publications, December 2006)

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special Needs Children

Sobre el autor

Christopher R. Auer, MA, es el presidente del tablero de la fundación del CABRITO (conocimiento en el desarrollo), fundada por Dr. Lucy Jane Miller, Ph.D.,OTR and was appointed by the Governor of Colorado to the Interagency Coordinating Council , which oversees disability services to children birth to three throughout the state. Él es el padre de tres Niños increíbles, uno de quién se diagnostica con ADHD y desorden de proceso sensorial. Chris es también un hermano a la persona con un desorden autistic del espectro. Visite su Web site en .

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